The Spiritual Law of Gravity – Part 1

Thursday, October 12, 2017

“‘All those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.’” (Luke 18:11 NIV)

As Christians, we can’t grow in God unless we understand the spiritual law of gravity.  This spiritual law says that all those who lift themselves up and exalt themselves, will be humbled; but those who take the low position and humble themselves, will in due time be lifted up by God.  That’s what the Pharisee in Jesus’ parable did not seem to understand.  He drew attention to himself, rehearsing his good works and saying in his “prayer” that he was grateful that he was not like the low-life standing at a distance.  That “low-life” was a tax collector, who did not even raise his eyes toward heaven because he felt so unworthy, and who just beat his breast, saying, “God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”  Jesus said that it was the humble man who went home justified before God.

God is against thievery, adultery, uncleanness, lying, and other sins.  But there’s something about pride that he cannot abide.  Some have said that it’s because when he sees it, he sees what ruined heaven. 

Pride can easily be seen in us when we’re always talking and thinking about ourselves and not interested in other people.  The fact is that we don’t have room for others in our lives when we’re full of ourselves. The Pharisee couldn’t stop referring to himself, even in his prayer to God.

The other thing in which pride reveals itself is in condemning other people.  In fact, pride feeds on judging other people and putting them down.  People who are always saying, “I’m glad I’m not like those other people,” may think they are being righteous, but may actually end up missing the mark.  Comparing himself to the lowly tax collector, the Pharisee never saw his own need.  But the tax collector had no time to compare himself to anyone.  He said, “God, I don’t even have the right to look up at you.  Just have mercy on me.”  And God said, “You went down?  Good!  I’m going to bring you up!  You’re going home justified.”

The Pharisee in the parable thought that by standing in the main place in the inner court, he had a fast track to God, but no position has power with God.  If you come to the altar, it means nothing in itself; if you come to church, it means nothing in itself.  No physical presence in any physical place means anything.  What God is looking at is not where my body is, but where my heart is.  And if my heart is in a low position, he will bring it up.  That’s part of the spiritual law of gravity.

To be continued…

Read Luke 18:9-14.  



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