Upcoming Television Schedule

The Rescue documentary will be showing both nationally and locally in the coming weeks. We invite you to tell a friend and tune-in to hear stories of how God changes lives. To learn more about The Rescue, click here. To order a copy of the book and DVD of The Rescue, click here to find out how you can get your copy.

Thursday, May 11 Daystar 8:00 PM (ET)
Friday, May 19 World Harvest 11:00 PM (ET)
Tuesday, May 23 ION Network 9:00 PM (ET)
Saturday, June 10 God TV TBD
Saturday, June 17 God TV TBD
Friday, June 23 God TV 12:30 PM (ET)



Seven people... seven amazing stories!

The NEW Rescue book contains:

  • More in-depth stories from the original documentary
  • 3 NEW powerful testimonies not included in The Rescue DVD
  • A personal word from Pastor Cymbala

Two Ways to Get the NEW Book

Coming to The Brooklyn Tabernacle?

Starting Sunday, April 9th: You can purchase The Rescue book after each Sunday service and before the Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting! (Available until supplies last.)

Can't join us in person?

The Rescue is also available as a special package that includes The Rescue book & DVD at a special price! You will also receive a gift as our thanks for ordering. To order, visit us at therescue.nyc.

What Is The Rescue?

The Rescue tells the incredible but true stories of people who found themselves in hopeless situations. It powerfully conveys their feelings of human pain and despair as each of them struggled to find a way out. With its message of love and redemption, The Rescue is inspiring viewers everywhere to believe that there is an answer in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances. Everyone will be able to relate in some way to these true stories and find encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow.

It could be anyone…

A Wall Street Broker, a Party Girl, a Religious Extremist, a Drug Addict, a Hardened Thug–their futures swallowed up by darkness. All of them spiraling out of control.

Each has a reason to despair. Each has a hidden wound that won’t heal.

Until something unexpected happens.  Something that will change their lives forever.

The Rescue tells the surprising, true stories of men and women whose lives should have ended in tragedy but didn’t. What happens to each of them will touch your heart and inspire new found hope.

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