God Will Honor It – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Friday, January 11, 2019

“When Sanballat [the Horonite] heard that we were rebuilding the wall, he became angry and was greatly incensed…” (Nehemiah 4:1 NIV)

The people in Nehemiah’s day got involved in repairing the wall of Jerusalem, which had been broken down by the Babylonians.  Today Jesus is building his church, and we are called to join in rebuilding and repairing, not walls, but lives that have been broken down by an even greater enemy than the Babylonians:  the enemy of our souls.

Did you know that a rebuilding project is much more difficult than building something from scratch?  You have to work hard to make something fit in with the existing structure.  That’s the work that we are called to do for God’s kingdom; but what we’re repairing and restoring are broken down lives.  People come to the Lord with big holes in their lives and messed up in their minds, having been brought up in horrible environments.  Many struggle to read or seek gainful employment, while others have habits that are eating them up.  We have to not only proclaim Jesus, but also to help rebuild these lives.  Jesus does the work in them, by his Holy Spirit, but we’re the vessels he uses to work them through all the baggage they come in with.

Didn’t Jesus one day fix our own lives when we came to him broken and in despair?  Perhaps we didn’t have problems that were plainly visible for all to see, but all of us come to the Lord needing spiritual and emotional healing; needing restoration, perhaps because of wrong thinking or poor self-esteem; and needing to find a purpose for our lives.  How many of us had someone along the way who helped bring us to where we are today?  If we can testify to that, we can now be that hand extended to someone else.  We can’t leave it up to someone else to build the church.  Jesus is calling each and every one of us to take part.

The enemy came against Nehemiah’s workers to discourage them from the work, and Satan will try to thwart our efforts on behalf of God’s project as well, but “greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world”!  And we’re not working in our own strength, for we depend on the Holy Spirit that is living in us, to lead us to the right people, to strengthen us for the work, and to help us see the fruit of our labor on behalf of others.  God made sure to honor the people who were involved in the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem by putting their names in the Bible.  He will also honor the work we do for the body of Christ.

Read Nehemiah 2:19-20; 4:1-9.

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