God Is My Helper – Part 2

Friday, February 8, 2019

“I will sacrifice a voluntary offering to you; I will praise your name, O Lord, for it is good.” (Psalm 54:6 NLT)

David was in dire straits.  He was being chased by King Saul, who was jealous of him; and, to make matters worse, he had been betrayed by members of his own Israelite tribe of Judah.  But David took heart,  as he reminded himself:  “God is my helper.”  And that is what we, as believers, have to remind ourselves of today.

Notice that David said it in the present tense:  God is my helper.  He didn’t say that God would be his helper in the future; nor did he say that God had been his helper in the past, even though that was true.  God has indeed been our helper.  In fact, the only reason you and I are serving him today is because God helped us when we were not even looking for him or were sensitive to him.  He’s brought us through mountains and valleys in our lives. Therefore, we can say with double confidence, “He was my helper in the past; why would he not be my helper today?  And should I wake up tomorrow, God will be my helper then as well; because he is the same, yesterday, today and forever!”  

How wonderful to be able to rest in that assurance!  Now we can relax and praise him, just as the Psalmist did, because God is our helper.  Every day he will provide what we need.

Maybe we’re not in a situation as critical as David’s right now; but in whatever it is that we are facing, we have to claim that promise:  God is my helper!

Let’s pray today:  Lord, you are my helper.  I know what is against me, but I’m concentrating on your promise to always be with me and to provide for my needs.  I need your help—physically, financially, emotionally, in my family– in everything concerning my life.  I’m not going to worry.  Instead, I will say with the Psalmist, “God is my helper.  He will keep me alive.”  Thank you, Lord!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Read Psalm 54:4-7

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