Flirting – Part 2

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

“… Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” (James 4:4 NIV)

The Bible says that the Lord will withhold no good thing from his people (Psalm 84:11).  If we being mere human beings are that way with our own children, imagine how much more the Lord wants to give good things to us (Matthew 7:11).  But he also wants to keep us from harm, and to keep us close to him.  That’s why it hurts him when we “flirt” with the world, and so are unfaithful to him.  He knows the ways in which it will hurt us in the end.  The world provides bait, but there’s a hook at the end of the tasty morsel.  That’s hard to see sometimes with all the glitz that the world has to offer, which is set forth in all its glory in the media and through the lives of the rich and famous.  When these celebrities crash and burn, the world pauses for a moment to pay tribute to the person, and then rolls merrily along again until the next tragedy.  God doesn’t want this for his people.  That makes him a jealous God when it comes to his people, and he will call us out!

How do we escape so great a peril?  James gives us the solution.  He says, “But [God] gives us more grace” (James 4:6).  It’s by grace that we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ, and it’s by grace that we are kept.  So let’s follow the exhortation of James by humbling ourselves, submitting to God, and coming near to him so that he will come near to us.  The Lord will not only enable us to live a life pleasing to him, but will also give us the desire to do so by his blessed Holy Spirit!

Read James 4:4-10.

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