Short on Supplies – Part 1

Thursday, February 21, 2019

“… and Jesus … had also been invited to the wedding.” (John 2:2 NIV)

There is a secret that we as Christians need to know in order to avoid running out of the supplies we need in life.  It’s realizing that our resources come, not from within ourselves, but from Jesus, who is the Source of our supply for everything we need—whether it’s money, joy, peace, direction… anything we might be running short on.

How to tap into those resources is something we can learn from the story of the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle.  Most of us know the story:  The wine was gone before the wedding celebration was over, but Jesus turned the water into wine.  This is the message of the story—that they ran short on something, but Jesus supplied the need.  You see, with God there are ample supplies.  He’s not short on one thing.  He’s not saying, “Well, I didn’t know you needed that.”  Or, “Wow, look at the mess you’re in now.”  No, heaven is not surprised about anything.

Here was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and we have a miracle of supply.  Where did the supply happen?  It happened at the wedding.  Who was at the wedding?  Jesus was at the wedding.  Why?  Because he was invited to the wedding.  The general rule is that a person doesn’t go to a wedding reception unless they’re invited.  Jesus was invited.

So here’s the first principle:  Do you want supply for your life, for your marriage, for your children?  Do you need it for school?  Invite Jesus into the thing; invite him into the day.  When you wake up, say, “Jesus, I invite you to be with me today.”  Someone may say, “Well, he’s actually everywhere.  Didn’t he say, ‘I’ll never leave you nor forsake you’?”  Yes, he’s omnipresent, but if you don’t want to run short on what you need, you have to invite him to be a part of everything concerning your life.  Do you want to see supernatural supply?  Invite him to be with you in a special way.  Are you starting a relationship with someone?  Invite him into that relationship.  Planning your wedding?  Invite him to the wedding.  Forget about the gown and the flowers.  Everyone will forget that, but what they will remember is that Jesus was at that wedding.  Why does he seem to be at some places more than others?  Because some people invite him and others ignore him.  One thing is sure:  Wherever you invite him, he’s going to come; and when he comes, something great is going to happen.

Once you invite him, tell him specifically what you need.  That’s what Mary, the mother of Jesus did; and her five-word request—“They have no more wine”— brought about Jesus’ first miracle here on earth.  Telling Jesus specifically what you and I need will bring about a miracle of supply in our own lives as well.  Do you have a problem today?  Are you having trouble with your finances?  Wondering whether or not to move to a new place?  Whatever it is, struggling and getting depressed over it won’t change anything.  But saying, “Jesus, help me,” can change everything.  Ask him:  "Where am I supposed to go to school next year?" … "Should I take this job?" … "Lord, I’m meeting with this person; and whenever I talk to this person, I get upset.  Please be with me and help me with this conversation."  Invite him to be a part of every decision you make, and ask him specifically for what you need.  And then, you watch!  Things are going to happen.  You’re going to get that supply; you’re going to get that direction; you’re going to get that miracle!

To be continued…

Read John 2:1-4.

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