Short on Supplies – Part 3

Saturday, February 23, 2019

“Jesus replied, ‘My hour has not yet come.’” (John 2:4 NIV)

They were short on supplies at the wedding in Cana; but just one five-word request from Mary was all it took to bring about Jesus’ first miracle here on earth when he turned the water into wine.  It’s not that Jesus didn’t see the need at the wedding in Cana.  If Mary knew they had run out of wine, Jesus undoubtedly knew it too.  But it’s what happens in our lives as well.  Jesus sees the need we have, because he is all-knowing; but he wants to build faith in us, and he wants to receive the glory.  The way he builds faith in us and receives the glory due his name is through our asking and receiving, so that we can then tell everyone, “I asked Jesus, and he helped me!”  That’s what the Psalms are about. David cries out, “This poor man called, and the Lord heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles” (Psalm 34:6).   Other people will see what he has done for us, and they’ll rejoice.  It’s our asking and receiving, and then others seeing what God has done, that brings about the miracle—that brings about the supply.  That’s how we come to have a testimony; but you can’t have a testimony until you have a test.  How do you make it from a test to a testimony?  It’s simple.  You ask.

How many of us can be honest enough to say that, though we’re Christians, through the years we’ve carried burdens that we were never meant to carry?  Think about it:  You have a burden and you love the Lord.  Do you think he’s happy that you have that burden?  He loves you; do you think he could be pleased when you’re weighed down like that?  “Then why,” you may ask, “doesn’t he take it away?”  Have you talked to him about it?  You don’t have to use King James language; and at that very moment, you don’t have to pray for every need around the world.  Nor do you have to copy anyone else.  That’s artificial.  Just talk to him the way you normally talk to him:  “Lord, help me with this problem.”

Mary said, “They have no more wine.”  She never uttered another word by way of request.  What is it that you and I need to ask of him?  Let’s do it today.

To be continued…

Read John 2:4-6.

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