Short on Supplies – Part 4

Sunday, February 24, 2019

“‘Do whatever he tells you.’” (John 2:5 NIV)

When Jesus’ mother, Mary, saw that they were short on supplies at the wedding in Cana, she said, simply, “They have no more wine.”  She told Jesus the need; and though he had not yet begun his public ministry, she must have instinctively known something about Jesus, because she quickly turned to the servants and said, “Do whatever he tells you.”  And so it should be in your life and mine.  If he tells us to stop something in our lives, we need to stop it by the grace of God.  If he says, call someone, we need to call them.  If he says, pray for someone, we need to stop everything and pray for that person.  We have to invite him into our situation, tell him our need, and then do whatever he tells us to do.

The strange thing is that Jesus told the servants to do something that made no sense in the natural.  He told them to fill some large jars with water—but the need wasn’t for water!  And this is where a lot of us slip up.  We don’t listen for his direction; and then when we do, it doesn’t sound right to us, because we have God in a box.  We think we know how things are supposed to work out:  “When I was growing up, this is how I saw God work.”  You’ve got to throw all that out and say to him, “I will do whatever you tell me to do.”  They didn’t need water at the wedding in Cana; they needed wine, but Jesus knew he would turn the water into wine; and surely enough, he did.

Are you running low in some area of your life?  In patience?  In faith?  You know it:  you’re not acting the way you used to.  Why?  You’ve run short on supplies.  That’s what it is.  It’s not you; it’s not what anybody did to you; and it’s not the situation.  Just face it:  “I’m short.  My supplies have run low.”

Maybe you’ve never invited Jesus into your life to be your Savior.  Going to church won’t help.  You have to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Know how it happens?  Just receive him; invite him in.  Say, “Forgive me of my sin.  I confess it.”

For those of us who are Christians, let’s invite him into our situations.  If it’s a mess, invite him into your mess.  Invite him into your plans; invite him into your problem; invite him into your decisions; invite him into your finances.  Then ask him… tell him straight in just one or two sentences, at the most.  Get it down to what you really need; and then tell him.  Then yield your heart to him and say, “I will do whatever you tell me to do.  You’re going to have to give me the grace to do it, but I want to do your will.  I want you to be, not just my Savior, but also my Lord.”

At the wedding in Cana, the master of the banquet did not realize where the new wine had come from, but he marveled and said to the bridegroom, “You have saved the best till now.”  Remember this:  Jesus always saves the best for last.  We’ve yet to even imagine what God can do for all of us when we’re short on supplies, if we’ll just invite him into our lives, tell him our need, and then do whatever he tells us to do!

Read John 2:5-11.

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