The question of when we will be gathering together again has been the subject of much prayer and discussion by our church’s leadership. We are asking God for wisdom as we attempt to follow the guidelines of New York State and New York City regarding the timing for reopening our church campus. At the same time, we are making plans and putting protocols in place to ensure your safety and well-being when we are able to meet again. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.  

In the meantime, we hope that you will continue to join us for Tuesday Prayer Onlinebeginning at 7pm; Sunday Worship Online, beginning at 9am; and weekday Devotions Onlinebeginning at 10am. We also invite you to check the Churchwide Announcements on our home page to learn about additional online events for each member of your family.

When You Pass through the Waters

Sunday, March 8, 2020

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you…” (Isaiah 43:2 NIV)

No matter who you are, you will go through deep waters.  In the Bible, rivers and waters are not only physical bodies, but also metaphors for the things we face in life that can easily overwhelm us.  Notice that God doesn’t say if you pass through the waters, but when you do.  It’s inevitable.  

So what do we do with that?  Live our lives cringing in fear?  No!  God is telling us, “You must never fear, because not only did I form you; you are mine.  I know you by name!”  We don’t have a faraway God who just looks down and sees a crowd of people.  He loves us, and he knows everything about us.  He not only gave us physical life; he gave us eternal life.  

So in everything we face, whether it’s a big or a small problem, the one thing we must avoid at all costs is fear.  It’s impossible to be afraid and have faith at the same time.  Either fear is going to dominate our lives or faith is going to dominate our lives.  

But Satan uses pressure and waters and fast-running streams to try to overwhelm us.  So how do we avoid being afraid in the midst or anticipation of the onslaught?  

God wants us to remember two things:  First of all, when we’re going through that trial and the current is so strong, we are not alone.  God has promised to be with us.  We may not see him or feel him, but he’s there!  Secondly, when we go through the rivers, they will not sweep over us.  The battle may be fierce, but we will not be swept away.  God says, “I will be with you.”  That means that for us to get swept away, God would have to get swept away with us, and that’s not going to happen!

Are you going through the waters at this moment?  Take courage from God’s Word. Almighty God is right there with you, and he has promised that however strong the current is against you, you will never ever go under!

Read Isaiah 43:1-7.

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