Until we are able to resume our regular church services, we invite you to join Pastor Cymbala for Tuesday Prayer Online, beginning at 7pm; Sunday Service Online, beginning at 9am; and weekday Devotions Online, beginning at 10am.

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Who Are We?

The goal of the Membership Ministry is to assist perspective members in their desire to become a part of this local assembly.

Eligibility to Volunteer

In order to serve in this ministry, you must be a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Activities & Functions

  • Distribute membership applications and assign membership interview appointments.
  • Take pictures of perspective applicants for membership.
  • Data input
  • Assist the Security Ministry by staffing the Security Desk on Sundays if anyone has questions.
  • Assist in the membership process from taking pictures of perspective members through the presentation of the new members to the congregation.
  • Workers are assigned to the reception desk in the mezzanine office area on Sundays.
  • Monitoring the Membership telephone line.

Frequency of Service

The Membership Ministry will serve 2-3 times per month, based on needs.

Length of Commitment

All Membership Ministry volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment to the ministry.

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