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Who Are We?

The Sermon Resource Center serves the body of Christ through the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Workers record, duplicate and distribute messages preached at The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Eligibility to Volunteer

In order to serve in this ministry, you must be a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle or in the process of becoming a member

Activities & Functions

Based on the initial interview and qualifications, the worker is placed on a team where they serve recording, duplicating and maintaining an inventory.

Work may also include:

  • Recording and editing of sermons on Sundays, Tuesday and special events.
  • Printing and duplicating CDs.
  • Maintain stock and inventory of sermon CDs.

Frequency of Service

The Sermon Resource Center is comprised of four teams. Each team is on a rotational basis, alternating services each Sunday with one service off a month (e.g. 9am one Sunday, 11am the next and 1pm the next followed by a week off.) The team that serves at the 9am service always works the following Tuesday Prayer Meeting resulting in one Tuesday night a month for each team. All team members report 45 minutes before service to begin setup.

Length of Commitment

All Sermon Resource Center volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment to the ministry

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