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Our ministries in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel have been directly involved in providing food, water, shelter and spiritual counsel to thousands of Haitians both before and after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January.
Believers from a non-Christian background residing in the 10/40 Window often face heavy pressure and discrimination from family, society and religious leaders.
Since 2003, our volunteer medical/dental mission teams have ministered in many locations world-wide including Haiti, Dominican Republic, Peru, various African and Asian countries and the Middle East.
It seems almost every day that a new disaster strikes somewhere in the world. As the list of ministries that we oversee or partner with has grown, so has the likelihood that a disaster will strike these countries. We have responded as God enabled us.
Our ministries and churches want to see people grow spiritually in their relationship with the Lord. We are also deeply involved in the development of their communities.

"Blessed are the Merciful."

Mercy projects are long-term commitments to evangelism, discipleship, humanitarian aid and community development in a target area where the need is great. The Brooklyn Tabernacle currently supports a variety of Mercy Projects, listed below. If you have a heart for any of these projects or countries, we welcome your prayer and financial support. 100% of the proceeds will be used towards the projects. To make a donation click here.

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