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Dominican Republic
Rhayna was sent to Pastora Cristina’s church in the DR in 2008, and she serves as a leader in the church as well as the Logistics Coordinator for Operation Blessing.

Rhayna received Christ as her Savior at the age of 16 and soon began serving in ministry at The Brooklyn Tabernacle.  She served in the Youth Ministry, the Prayer Band, The Women’s Ministry and the Cleaning Ministry.  Inspired by Pastor Cymbala’s sermons, Rhayna became convinced that God was calling her to missions.  She began going on short-term mission trips locally and abroad, particularly to the Dominican Republic where she developed a love for the people.

Rhayna returned to the Dominican Republic in 2008 and has been serving there ever since. She has ministered in various capacities, including as a Logistics Coordinator with Operation Blessing under the leadership of Brooklyn Tabernacle missionaries Pastora Cristina Peña and Pastora Milly Bello, Pastors of El Tabernáculo de Salvación y Alabanza.

A teacher by profession, Rhayna wants to open up a Christian school in the future to provide valuable opportunities to the people in the communities where she serves.

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