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Moffat and Rosemary Phiri began a church in their home in 2001 that has since grown to more than 500 members. The ministry now includes many community outreaches, including a learning center, a medical clinic, and a community care center.

Moffat Phiri, a native of Malawi, has been planting churches in northern Malawi for more than 20 years. Rosemary Gibbons, originally from Missouri, went to Africa in 1998 originally to help in leadership training for the church leaders in Malawi, but she eventually sold her consulting business and moved to Malawi.  There, she met and married Moffat.  In 2001, Moffat and Rosemary started Victory Christian Temple in their home in Mzuzu, Malawi, with 12 members.  It has since grown to more than 500 members.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its citizens have suffered from economic instability and natural disasters.  Because of this, the church reaches out to its community with a wide variety of humanitarian and development programs.  In 2002, they founded an orphan care center, which took in 12 orphans whose parents had died of AIDS.  These children are now in school or college, or have graduated.  The ministry also provides food programs for children and senior citizens.

Basic healthcare is very limited and out of reach for most people in the city where the church is located.  In 2016, the Malawi Medical Life Center was launched in partnership with The Brooklyn Tabernacle and World Compassion Fellowship.  The Life Center’s mission is to provide affordable medical care for the community, with focus areas that include women’s health, pediatrics, cataracts and eye care, and malaria treatment and prevention.

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