Here are some new things on our website. We hope they are a blessing to you.

Mobile Friendly

Now you can view the BT Website on a mobile device with clarity and ease of use. We've also revamped our main navigation so it is as friendly as possible to navigate the site.

More Webcasts

You can now watch an entire year of BT Webcasts, now available here.

Watch Sermons

In addition to listening to our Sermon Archive, once a week we'll provide a new sermon that has a video that you can watch. Look for the icon in the Sermons section for that option, now available here.

members Resources

Our Members Center has been revamped to provide you with the newest information and resources as you navigate your life as a Christian and as a member of the church.

Explore ministries

Our Ministries section has been revamped to provide clear information for each ministry. You can also directly contact any ministry available here at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. You can browse all our ministries here.

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