Our Prayer Band prays over each prayer request for 30 days. In addition, the entire congregation prays for requests during our Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting. We invite you to join with us in prayer as, together, we believe God for answers to these requests. We also invite you to read the praise reports that people have submitted about God’s faithfulness in answering prayer.

Please pray the lord convict my husband of leaving to his mom Everytime we have issues. Pray he repent of not being the husband I need

Anonymous | August 16, 2022

I feel discouraged about my faith & life. I’ve been undergoing hard trials for 5 years. The heaviness doesn’t break. I can’t take more. Please pray

Anonymous | August 16, 2022

In Jesus christ good Name command God’s will in my life and my family and friends lifes be done full of the spirit of God, peace wholeness protection clean heal grace favor mercy prospering financial blessing mind of Christ Jesus, pure heart after God’s own heart, order our steps souls anchor in the Lord Jesus Christ in your will divine strength, protection from demonic spirits ,accidents and tragedy and sickness ,illness, man kind Jesus Christ keep us out of jail, long healthy life and life more abundantly, sign miracle and wonders blessing,,divine intervention knowledge wisdom, obedience oru God supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory bless me with 10,000 asap and please answer all my prayers according to your will Jesus Christ within the past 5 months ago till now according to your love and kindness for me my Jesus Christ ❤️

Bre | August 16, 2022

We just found out yesterday that my husband Gabriel has to have triple bypass surgery either on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Please pray that it is successful & for God’s quick healing as he goes through this operation. Thanks for all of your prayers. May God bless us all.

Carmen | August 16, 2022

For Rod on a mission trip, wisdom & anointing for all his events
Closer walk/ to clearly hear the Lords direction & follow

Mary| August 16, 2022

To be on task for all the projects due this week/ open doors for future business & help to get in shape & be healthy

Mary| August 16, 2022

Please pray that I can be a financial blessing to my church, family, and community and that I have a successful school year

Bryant| August 16, 2022

My son has come back to God.He has many issues,anger,low self esteem, collapsed lung years ago, etc he now thinks he is being led to go to Bible college in Maryl

Faith | August 16, 2022

Son has returned to Christ, he thinks that he’s being led to go to Bible college in Maryland. Please pray that this is not just an impulse but that he is being led by the Lord.You’ve prayed for him to comeback to Christ and he has to God be the glory. Thank you very much. He is very insecure. He is 33 and lonely.Thank you.

Faith | August 16, 2022

You have prayed for my 31 yr old daughter and she has comeback to Christ. She blames me for leaving her and her brother in JA while I came to this country seeking better opportunities. There’s deep seated anger with me doesn’t go to church, many of her childhood friends are married with kids. She thinks she needs a man right now, dated a girl in college went to Christian college. Please pray for our mother daughter relationship. Also that I will have a closer walk with God.Thanks.

Faith| August 16, 2022

Please pray for my son Scott to be delivered from Alcohol, to be set from past hurts and for his salvation. Thank you

Gina| August 16, 2022

My 31yr old daughter is very fearful of learning to drive even though she zips along on busy streets without an helmet on a longboard. Please pray for our mother daughter relationship especially her walk with Christ. Thank you.

Faith | August 16, 2022