Author: Pastor Jerry Park

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Haiti has been experiencing new levels of violence and instability, including a recent gun fight between gangs and police that left at least 5 officers dead. At least three schools that Elsie’s ministry children attend have had serious incidents, such as a student being kidnapped and killed and a school official murdered. Students in the school were traumatized by these tragic incidents. Schools and businesses are constantly shutting down due to all the violence and riots.

Elsie’s church ministry (Caribbean Grace Tabernacle or CGT) had reopened for Sunday worship and prayer meeting services some months back. Occasionally, they’ve had to cancel services due to riots and protests in their area.

However, there’s still hope. Elsie writes the following about this past Sunday:

“We had a great Sunday service, praise the Lord—a church full of people and old-timers visiting us from the North. The worship was just awesome, and Brother Patrick brought a powerful message about worship. God’s presence in our midst was just so sweet. We all enjoyed some good fellowship afterward, and the whole day was just beautiful. No riots, no gunshots, no disturbances… It felt like the beginning of a new era for Haiti. We certainly hope so.

This past weekend a group of clergymen went to a very troubled area completely controlled by the worst kind of bandits (the ones that make the police run away). These pastors went in that area as God directed them to exhort the community there to turn away from evil and to serve the only true living God. The people were very receptive to the message. The pastors prayed and dedicated the place to God at the end. They left without any incident just like they had entered. Obviously, the Lord was with them, and we greatly rejoice in what the Lord has done!”

With the constant school closures, CGT provides help to students through an after-school tutoring program where the older members are tutoring the younger members in subjects such as French, math, physics and chemistry to compensate for the time lost when schools shut down due to the instability.

CGT also provides humanitarian aid as always with its weekly meal program, as well as the distribution of food care packages to the poorest families. The packages consist of 25 lbs. of rice, 1.5 liters of vegetable oil and some cash. CGT also sponsors the education of 31 young people from primary school to university.

In Jacmel, Bonite’s church (Christ Love Center or CLC) had also reopened months ago with worship and prayer services. CLC’s food program continues to feed 100+ children from Monday to Friday. In addition, due to the extreme hardships facing many families, CLC is distributing 50-60 food care packages per week. CLC also sponsors the education of 36 young people from primary school to university.

  • Please continue to pray for the safety of Elsie, Bonite and the ministry families
  • Please pray for the situation in the country to turn around—that the Lord would begin a revival in the hearts of the gangs and corrupt officials and others who are causing such trouble for the country.