From missionaries Ron and Edna Juran:

We look back and are thankful to see that our current tutors and helpers are graduates of the Sunshine Tutors (ST) program. The same students who a number of years ago went through the tutoring program are now tutoring the next set of students. We bless Almighty God for the leadership training and discipleship that has come to fruition. It is all the Lord’s doing.

In the first picture below, Tyra is the young lady next to Edna, who is on the far left. On the far right is Jazmine (black shirt). Jaz and her family have been in ST since we opened our doors 5 years ago. She graduated from middle school last year and now works with us. She has been growing in her skills as a tutor since last October. This picture is of our new tutoring team in Georgeville. Jaslyn (in the front) has been laboring alongside us for 4 years. She is currently completing her teaching degree. That is all God, too!

Belize Pic1

The second picture is of Jaz (In the red shirt) in 2019, her last year as a student with ST. The other young lady in the picture is Lonzie. Lonzie graduated as valedictorian of Unitedville Primary school (7th grade by US standards) in June 2021. Ron has fond memories of Jaz and Lonzie challenging each other during his time tutoring them in math.

Belize Pic2

Though we are in a waiting pattern for the land title on the Learning Center property, we are moving forward with some much-anticipated expansion projects.

First: In January, we started a club for 3- to 4-year-olds that meets twice a week. The children learn the alphabet and how to write their names. This gives us an open door to new families that we haven’t met or ministered to before. God is enlarging the Sunshine Tutor community!

Second: For years we felt the Lord preparing our hearts to expand Sunshine Tutors to bless the children and families of the next village, Georgeville Village.  We sensed that the Lord was opening that door in late February. We launched our pilot program, “Sunshine Tutors Georgeville,” a few weeks ago.

Our tutor helpers were very excited to start ministering to their neighbors. The principal of the primary school assisted us in obtaining permission to use the Georgeville Village community center. We have hired Tyra, a young woman from Georgeville Village, to start directing the program. Please remember her in your prayers. To God be all the glory.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that we will be able to continue to minister in Georgeville, as the Lord wills.

Please pray for the many young leaders that are discipled through this program, as well as the students. Pray that they all continue to walk in the light and develop a listening ear to hear his voice for his purpose for their lives. May their eyes be opened to see the height, length and depth of Jesus’ love for them.

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Thank you for your prayers and support.