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Haiti 2020
Departure Dates*: 
Saturday, August 1, 2020 to Sunday, August 9, 2020
Trip Meeting Dates: 
Thursday, July 9, 2020Thursday, July 16, 2020Thursday, July 23, 2020Thursday, July 30, 2020
Est. Trip Cost**: 
Trip Status: 
Elsie Lherisson founded a children's and youth ministry in Port-au-Prince, and Bonite Affriany founded a church in Jacmel, with hundreds of members each. We will be traveling to both locations to minister to their church members and their communities.

Our trip goals:

  1. English/Computer Camp
  2. Children's/Youth Ministry
  3. Vocational Training  

We need candidates that have a background in teaching, especially ESL, for our English Camp, as well as Creole speakers  We also need computer professionals to teach computer classes, such as MS Excel or basic web development.  For our vocational training, we are looking for skills, such as sewing and construction, as potential vocational skills that we can teach students.

For our children's and youth programs, we need spiritually mature candidates who can minister to the youth.  Lastly, we need Creole speakers to help as translators.

Country Background

Haiti continues to face major challenges in the face of natural disasters, endemic corruption and political instability.  It has the poorest economy in the Western Hemisphere, and 80% of the population lives under the poverty line.  Nevertheless, its proximity to the US and other large markets should provide opportunities for its inhabitants.

Ministry Background

For many years, we have been bringing teams to Haiti to minister with Elsie Lherisson and Bonite Affriany. Our teams have helped in many ways, with medical and dental clinics, discipleship and evangelism programs for children and teenagers, and much more. Most recently, we have been bringing teams of teachers to conduct week-long English Camps.

Learning English is much in demand throughout the world, and more so in Haiti, a French and Creole-speaking nation situated very near English-speaking America. As part of the Global Ministry’s long-term sustainability initiative, we plan to use the English Program as a way to help the ministry members to learn skills that can help them get jobs to support themselves. Many employers in Haiti will ask for English proficiency as a job requirement. The English Program is Bible-centered, which provides the opportunity to reach out to the community spiritually as well.

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