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We have updated our SecureGive site in order to make it more accessible to you and to provide additional features that will help you in your giving. 

The new link is Please update any bookmarks you may have accordingly.

Additional information:

  • Recurring Donations/Saved Payments: Recurring donations will continue to process and any saved payments will be retained.
  • Mobile App Users: Please delete the old SecureGive app and download the new SecureGive Vision app.
  • Apple Pay: We are now introducing the ability to give fully within the SecureGive Vision App and use Apple Pay.
  • Giving History: All giving history will remain the same.
Give Using SecureGive

What's NEW with the SecureGive Portal?

Many of you have requested a way to manage your online giving. We’re pleased to offer a way to help meet that demand.

SecureGive is an online giving tool that will allow you to:

  • Provide a central, secure login for your online giving
  • Easily store your Address and Giving Information so that you don’t have to reenter it each time you give
  • Easily create and manage your Recurring Giving
  • View and Search transactions made through SecureGive
Give Using PayPal

One-Time Donations

Where you would like you donation allocated


Recurring Donations

Where you would like you donation allocated


PayPal Donation Information:

When you click the "Donate Via Paypal" button, you will navigate to PayPal's website to complete your donation.

You will receive an email receipt from PayPal for your donation. This will be your transaction receipt and confirmation. You will also receive a year-end giving statement from The Brooklyn Tabernacle. Your PayPal mailing address will be used to send your year-end giving statement.

Recurring Giving: Please note, you can modify or stop your future scheduled giving at any time by logging in to your own PayPal account page.
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