Giving FAQs2021-05-10T17:07:11-04:00

Pushpay Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help.  See below for some frequently asked questions…

Does Pushpay have a help center?2021-05-10T12:24:03-04:00

Yes, Pushpay’s online help center is located at or you can call them directly at (844) 787-4729, option 1. You can also email them at [email protected]

What is Pushpay and why are we changing from SecureGive?2021-05-10T10:58:42-04:00

Pushpay is the leading church donation platform and it offers many benefits for donors and the church! SecureGive has been a great partner over the years, but we are very excited about the new features Pushpay offers.

How will this impact the year-end giving statement? Where will I find my giving history?2021-05-11T15:05:43-04:00

As in prior years, you will receive a single year-end giving statement which includes all monetary donations, whether they were made in SecureGive, Pushpay, Cash, or Check. Your SecureGive history will remain in SecureGive, but we will eventually migrate recent giving history into Pushpay so you can easily find it all in one place.

Which payment methods are accepted by Pushpay? Is there any preference?2021-05-10T10:59:24-04:00

Pushpay accepts donations directly from your checking account, as well as most major credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). Donations from bank accounts and debit cards carry the lowest transaction fees, so those are the preferred donation methods.

I have a recurring gift scheduled in SecureGive. What do I need to do?2021-05-10T12:27:57-04:00

There are 2 steps to move recurring gifts from SecureGive to Pushpay: 1) Log into SecureGive to cancel your recurring gift here, and 2) Set-up your new recurring gift in Pushpay here.  If you need additional help with cancelling your recurring gift in SecureGive, please click here for step-by-step instructions, or call SecureGive directly at (855) 895-8951. You can also email them at [email protected].

How do I give from my phone?2021-05-10T12:35:23-04:00

There are 2 ways to give from your smart phone: 1) Texting “BTGIVE” to 77977 will generate a link which takes you to Pushpay’s giving page, and 2) Texting “BTGIVE” and the gift amount (ex. BTGIVE 25) will activate “text giving,” which means you can give future gifts by simply texting the gift amount to 77977. If you have any additional questions, please call us at 718-290-2237 or email [email protected].

May I continue giving with SecureGive?2021-05-10T11:02:11-04:00

The Brooklyn Tabernacle will complete the transition from SecureGive to Pushpay by June 30, 2021.  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!


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