Author: Pastor Jerry Park

As we start a new year, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause problems throughout the world. Although it’s been difficult enough for us in the relatively wealthy Western world, it’s been an order of magnitude more difficult for people in the Majority World, where most of our missionaries serve. The Brooklyn Tabernacle was able to sponsor a COVID-19 Food Relief project with some of our missionaries that are serving some of the poorest of the poor. Here are a few recent updates.

From the Ildefonsos:
I am happy to inform you that it is a great opportunity for the ministry to help out during hard times caused by the Covid-19 crisis. As you know, we all are affected in many ways. However, the extra BT financial support has enabled us to help our congregation and the community.

We handed out 176 grocery bags and, in addition, gave $10 to each of the 96 members. We had a Christmas service and handed out 110 hot meals to the congregation along with slippers. Unfortunately, we can’t allow children into the services because of government policy. Nevertheless, the 75 children that would normally attend our feeding program received a hot meal. We also handed out 120 hot meals, along with a bag of toiletries, to the inmates at Santa Cruz Prison.

Thank you and thanks to every BT member for the financial support you provide to the ministry here. Special thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for his grace and mercy upon all the missionaries. He is the one who makes all things happen for his glory. We also want to acknowledge Pastor Cymbala’s concern and love for all the missionaries. We acknowledge your prayers as well.

God bless! Pastor Alland

Guyana’s schools still remain closed; so Sister Beverly’s food program in Tiger Bay hasn’t been able to operate on its normal schedule. However, her team has been able to help with food packages periodically; this includes the special December Relief Project.

From Sister Beverly:
A total of 20 community families and 5 volunteer families were ministered to. Additionally, eight (8) mothers with babies and five (5) seniors received separate packages. This activity commenced and ended within a two (2) week period, as was proposed, from December 7th -18th.

Ndawonga ukongwa musanawale is a saying in the lakeside Tonga Malawi dialect, and you hear it when something good has happened. In English it means, “I’m grateful today for what you have done for me.” These are the sentiments that were expressed by the elders in the village after receiving the COVID food supply, which was given to approximately 100 people in the village. The excitement was evident in the smiling faces of each individual who received a bundle of food, which included meat, rice, soap, masks, sugar, beans and maize. The women who were waiting for us showed their happiness by dancing as we approached the village. Joy abounded in every person.

In Mzuzu, we were able to give food to 100 souls as well. They expressed heartfelt appreciation, as times have been hard, with many having lost their jobs or businesses due to COVID. One man wrote the following: “I want to give thanks on behalf of everyone for these gifts. We know that they were given with love and sacrifice. That is what Jesus wants us to be doing.”

We want to personally thank The Brooklyn Tabernacle through Pastor Jerry Park for thinking of us and providing for our needs during this time. We thank God that you have shown us the love of Jesus through these gifts. Keep up the good work, and God bless your giving hands.

Pastors Moffat and Rosemary Phiri

Ron and Edna are almost finished with their COVID food outreaches, and they will send us a report next week. In the meantime, they’ve been able to do limited Bible studies with men and women in their ministry areas and to counsel teens in a high school via Zoom and Whatsapp. The re-opening of churches and businesses has been extremely limited; and many businesses are suffering from the lack of tourism, which is one of the main employment industries in Belize.

Muriel, a Brooklyn Tabernacle member, was able to organize a lightly-used sneaker drive among fellow runners; and The Brooklyn Tabernacle provided for the shipment of 3 barrels full of these sneakers to Belize to benefit the very poor, who will be blessed by this gift.