Author: Pastor Jerry Park

Jamie and Sandra returned to Lebanon in September and went right back into life and ministry there. They recently wrote the following:

Dear Family,

We count it a joy to be able to return to Lebanon to bring comfort and hope to those in need. (2 Corinthians1:3-4)

Lebanon is currently facing an economy in ruins, currency crisis, increasing Covid-19 numbers, and continued political and social instability. Optimism and hope are words you will not often hear these days.

Jamie: Ali, a young man in his twenties believes there is a God but asks, “Is it the same God of Mslms, Christians, and Druze?” After lengthy discussions on life and various other topics, I invited him to read the Bible with me to see what it has to say about some of these things. He responded with an emphatic yes. Please pray for Ali in his journey for truth.

Sandra: Al Shafy clinic continues to run steadily, by God’s grace. We have remained open throughout the pandemic. We have physically treated a wide range of souls, from refugees to migrant domestic workers (MDW) to poor Lebanese. Each person is greeted with respect and courtesy. Most importantly, we extend the opportunity to know Jesus’ love and to lay their heavy burdens at the feet of the One who has redeemed us. Please pray for each individual that comes to us for care. Their stories are heart-wrenching. We were recently able to treat and pray with P. Singh, a 69-year-old Sri Lankan MDW. She had been abandoned at the side of the road by her heartless employers. She was left penniless and hungry. A good Samaritan rescued her and brought her to the clinic. Please pray that the Lord will make a way for her to get back to her family in Sri Lanka. Please pray for safety and wisdom for our staff at Al Shafy clinic.

As schools remained closed due to increasing rates of Covid-19, our children continue distance learning. As they continue to adjust to a new culture and language, they are beginning to feel more comfortable. They enjoy playing with their friends in the neighborhood.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety for our family and continued adjustment.
  • The leaders of Lebanon and the state of the country.
  • That people would find Jesus as their comfort and refuge.

It is because of your continued prayers and support that we are able to continue the work here. We are so grateful for each of you!


Jamie, Sandra, and family