Author: Pastor Jerry Park

Sandra has been serving at the WCF Life Center (LC) in the Beirut area. In the last few months, we have been able to increase support for our mostly Syrian and Iraqi refugee and migrant worker patients, thanks to a generous gift from Harold C. Smith Foundation. More than 1,800 patient visits have come through the Life Center from January to October, and we’ve helped the majority of them with either medication or lab fees. In some cases, we have been able to provide emergency hospitalization and surgeries.

Here are some testimonies from the LC:

“Mary is an Iraqi refugee. She had a severe pain in her abdomen and was diagnosed with appendicitis. She needed surgery to remove her inflamed appendix. However, due to the lack of financial means, she didn’t do the surgery, and her situation got worse. The Life Center learned about the case and decided to cover her operation fees. The family is grateful and happy.”

“Amal is a member of RCB (our church partner) who lives near the port and was injured in the Beirut explosion. The blast wave had slammed her into the ground in her home, injuring her back, and she couldn’t afford the surgery she needed. Oftentimes, refugees face insurmountable challenges when it comes to health care. When the Life Center discovered her case, we stepped in to ensure her needs were met, and we covered her surgery cost. Amal is now post-surgery and feels incredibly well! The numbness and pain are gone; and even the doctor is amazed at her progress and the strength she has to be able to walk so soon. She felt the presence of Jesus comforting her, holding her hand and telling her he was with her as she was wheeled into the OR.”

Figure 1: Amal (before)

Figure 2: Amal (after)

The August Beirut explosion left more than 200 people dead and 300,000 people with damaged homes or, in many cases, homeless. The Brooklyn Tabernacle, WCF and the Harold C. Smith Foundation worked together to provide funds for church, school and home repairs. We also covered temporary housing costs in partnership with our on-the-ground partners, such as RCB, ABTS, Heart for Lebanon, and others.  We have helped house 40 homeless families, repaired 6 churches and dozens of homes, and provided a month’s supply of Food/Hygiene Care Packages to more than 6,000 families in the past few months.

Here are some testimonies from people we helped:

“The family of A.Q. is one of many families whose lives were changed completely after the Beirut explosion. Their house was destroyed, and they were really affected physically and psychologically. The father lost his job, and the family has barely been able to meet their kids’ needs, financially and educationally. The family stopped buying some kinds of food and have been having a hard time providing essential needs. The help that we gave through the Food/Hygiene Packages was a great support for the family. Through it, they were able to get the help they needed. They are very grateful for this loving gesture, saying that no one has ever helped them in this way before.”

Figure 3: Food/Hygiene Beneficiary Family

From Beirut Pastor Mallouh: “We are helping some families with their expenses for repairs. We have also offered help to some schools for repairs for some of the classrooms that were damaged. It is estimated that more than 130 schools were damaged. We are still in the process of having our own church building repaired. We have completed part of the repairs in the sanctuary and the offices. The benches are due to be delivered in three weeks. The ground was completed last week. On the upper floors, we have finished the installation of the window frames and the glass. The main gates for each floor also have to be changed. Most curtains were torn apart and need to be replaced.

We are thankful to those who have donated money for the purchase of food and hygiene material. We serve poor families and those whose salaries have been diminished due to the currency devaluation. This ministry continues with a hundred Lebanese families and another hundred Syrian families. This ministry allows us to show God’s love through practical Christian ministry.”

Figure 4: Before Sanctuary (Church of God)

Figure 5: After Sanctuary (Church of God)

Figure 6: Home Repairs