Ron and Edna Juran have been ministering in an area called Unitedville. They provide after-school tutoring and computer classes holistically to the youth and their families at a place called the Learning Center; and this gives them a bridge to also share Christ.

From Ron and Edna:

Through the activities at the Learning Center, we have been serving students and their families. Our goal is to help them to become grounded in the Lord and to improve the vocational skills of the students so that they can lead productive lives.

We have developed relationships with the parents of the students and have ministered to them in times of need, especially during the lockdowns. We are developing the ministry to women and starting a ministry to the men in the village. We are currently doing Bible studies and teaching life, job and parental skills. Our goal, using biblical guidance, is to develop strong, Christ-centered families.

Through Sunshine Tutors, we have seen students become confident in their ability to read and do math. They achieve higher levels of success in school. More importantly, they achieve a higher level of Bible knowledge as they realize that God’s Word addresses every situation in their lives. We have many opportunities to pray with them. When a student is observed as being in distress— whether withdrawn, angry, or depressed—we talk to them, encourage them, and address whatever issue they are facing, as God directs. There are presently 32 children enrolled in the Learning Center.

Ron and Edna are praying about purchasing the Learning Center building from a retiring missionary couple. The cost would be $37,000. Please join us in praying for them.


From Pastor Alland and Marilyn Ildefonso:

Things are starting to get better with the COVID situation. There is more mobility than before, but we are mandated to wear masks outdoors and a shield indoors.

We continue to have our Sunday worship service and have reopened some ministries: Teen and Young Fellowship, Bible Study, and Senior Citizens and Women’s Fellowship. However, we are not allowed to have the Children’s Ministry because of government mandates. Nevertheless, we still provide a meal for all our kids every Saturday. Also, twice a month, we are providing a meal ,along with Scripture verses and a short message written in Tagalog, to the prisoners at Santa Cruz Jail.

Finally, we are expecting to baptize nine new, born-again believers later this month. Praise the Lord for his continued work of salvation in this community. In the past 19 months, it has been difficult for us to publicly reach out to people and to baptize. The Lord has been gracious to us all these months, and we are confident that soon he will open more doors for to disseminate his message.

Thank you, Brooklyn Tabernacle, for all the financial support and prayers on behalf of the work of the Lord in the Philippines. May Lord bless and keep you always.

Praise the Lord,

Pastor Alland