Author: Pastor Jerry Park

As of April 28, 2020, there were 6,416 reported COVID-19 cases nationwide. Of these reported cases, 1,116 were hospitalized, 3,849 under home isolation, 1,165 recuperated, and 286 deaths (reflecting a 4.46% death rate).

Thankfully, there are no confirmed cases in the church or at the 36 Kilo annex.  However, we just received word that Pastora Cristina’s sister in Boston passed away from COVID-19.

  • Please pray for comfort for the family,  as well as healing, as other members of the family have been confirmed positive.

Praise Report: The church received food supply donations from the government that they distributed to 20 needy church families.

One family that received a food package was Jacinto and Orquidea’s family. They are deacons in our church, with 2 young children and Jacinto’s mother all living in one household. Jacinto and his mother have pre-existing health conditions, and Orquidea is 13 weeks pregnant, so they have all been advised not to leave the house. This donation came just in time for this family.

We also distributed food packages to vulnerable senior citizens in our church. These donations have helped to alleviate some of the fear they have about having to leave their houses and potentially be exposed to this virus, which is taking lives every day.

  • Please continue to pray for the continued safety of and provision for the ministry leaders and workers. 

“A Sanctuary” continues to provide a home and school for the former street children in their care. They currently have 7 children in the main ministry location in Yarrowkabra. The children are doing well, and two of their girls celebrated their 17th birthdays this week.

Although schools are closed throughout Guyana, the ministry continues to have their own school classes for the 7 children. Romeo, Glennis and another teacher teach the classes.

The family is not able to drive out to church due to the lockdown, but they are tuning into The Brooklyn Tabernacle webcasts and local church webcasts.

In addition to the ongoing support they receive from The Brooklyn Tabernacle, they have also received food/toiletry care packages from other ministries, such as Food For The Poor, and from a local Christian businessman.

In an effort to be more self-sufficient and teach responsibilities to the children, the ministry has been raising hundreds of chickens. This enables them to collect eggs as a food supply for the ministry and to sell in the markets.

There is one serious situation that requires prayer: A 15-year-old boy that was part of the ministry for some time was returned to his parents in March. However, he left his parent’s home and returned to the area of “A Sanctuary.” He then broke into the ministry’s storehouse and stole a tarp, pots, pans and food. He also set fire to dry bush in their area, which was a serious hazard. They were able to put out the fire, but the situation requires serious prayer.

  • Please pray that God would transform the heart and mind of this young boy. Please also pray for the continued protection of the ministry.

Although Beverly’s School Food Program has been suspended since the school’s lockdown, the ministry has found other ways to help. They were able to distribute food and sanitizing products to 17 of the Program’s families, as well as other ministry families. They have also helped another family to start a small business for them to sustain themselves.

In addition, the ministry paid for medical tests for the husband of one of the workers, who is suffering from congestive heart failure.

  • Please pray for the families in the program, as they are among some of the poorest families in the capital.

There are 2,757 cases of COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation, with 88 deaths and 1.6% of the reservation population known to be infected by the disease, as reported by the Navajo Times yesterday.

Praise Report: The Ministry received disinfectant and food items from 2 women from Holbrook and the Navajo Nation Christian Response Team (NNCRT) for distribution to the neediest in the community: the elderly and quarantined families. These items were delivered over several days to some of the most remote areas in the community, spanning 54 miles over dirt roads. All who received packages were very thankful.

Mark and Gayle McKeller: “Getting out to remote areas we don’t normally go to was a blessing, especially to be Jesus’ hands extended to assist some of the vulnerable in need. We are also thankful for the opportunity to partner with the people from our local Chapter House. Mark feels that was very fruitful.”

Praise Report: Theresa, who left New York to go and help the McKellers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, has found a job with the school system; and she is now looking to purchase a vehicle.

Prayer Requests:

  • For continued opportunities to partner with the local Chapter House, and favor with them and in the community.
  • For the peace of God to invade the Navajo Nation. Mark was told by our Sectional Presbyter that due to COVID-19, there is a lot of fear on the reservation. As a result, we are hearing of suicide, violence, and increased drug and alcohol usePray for authentic revival in the Navajo Nation.
  • Continue to pray for Mark’s mother. She was hospitalized in NY this past week. The hospital wants to send her to a rehabilitative facility. However, even Gov. Cuomo is extremely cautious about having older people go into nursing facilities at this time. It is a very tough decision for the family.

The country still has no deaths, which is amazing. The economy is beginning to open up. This past Monday, some businesses were allowed to open, and only essential workers were allowed to go to work. However, there are still some issues, as Tanzania and Burundi have not put their countries on lockdown. Truck drivers that are arriving at the border of Rwanda with food are now being tested, and many have been found to have COVID-19.

  • Please pray that God might give the leaders of Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Burundi, wisdom to navigate through this pandemic.

This past April, many Rwandans were supposed to commemorate the 1994 genocide. However, because of Rwanda’s lockdown, many people had to grieve alone, which was hard on many Rwandans. But despite that obstacle, all politicians and heads of companies in Rwanda gave up their salaries for the month of April to help provide food for the poor during the COVID-19 crisis. It is amazing to see that a nation that went through their own tragedy not too long ago and is still a developing nation, would do this for others.

Schools and churches are still closed for now. Odila and I are running an online daily Biblical Word for the kids. Please pray that everyone in Rwanda continues to be safe. I actually found a lot of the kids to be very concerned about the U.S., especially NYC, which I find beautiful! They are praying for the U.S.