Author: Pastor Jerry Park

Dear Prayer Partners,

I pray that you’ve been well.  Like many of you, I think, I’ve been greatly disturbed by the recent terrible deaths in our country.  Without going into details, I’ve faced a lot of ongoing racism in the past from many other races, and frankly, even now when I travel around the world.  These things stir up feelings that I’ve long buried with Christ, but the flesh always threatens to rise up.  However, I have to look at the world with the eyes of the Lord—seeking justice, but also peace and grace.  Ultimately, the problem is SIN.  This Scripture has spoken to me about the situation:

Isaiah 1:16-18: Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight; stop doing wrong. Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. “Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”

  • Please pray for the healing our country needs.

This is a long list of several weeks of prayer requests from our Brooklyn Tabernacle missionaries.  Please keep them in your prayers as well.

Our ministry was able to join an MBB leader of a Muslim Arab village to do a food care package distribution to about 27 families of believers and seekers.  This was in the village in which the BT team did an outreach last summer.  Two other groups of believers in their area also received food.  There are believers in the Middle East for whom we provide food every month.  The daily lives of these believers are a struggle, as they are under constant surveillance by the government for the “crime“ of believing in Jesus.  They daily risk arrest, torture and imprisonment for meeting together, or even if they are found with a Bible in the house.

  • Please pray for the provision and safety of the believers in these areas.

We were asked by some young people (high school and college) to join them to help in a needy village.  The village is off the beaten path and neglected, and there are many poor people who live there. The Community Health Worker gathered the people she knew were in need.  We had a worship service and shared the love of Jesus with them.  The physical food is important for life, but the spiritual food and having a relationship with our Creator who loves us is important for eternal life. A young girl prayed to give her heart to Jesus, and three older women prayed to rededicate their lives to Jesus.

Earlier in May, we delivered bags of groceries to a small village about 20 miles from our house.  The people who helped us were of Brazilian, Spanish, German Mennonite, and Creole, background; and the people we ministered to were mostly Spanish and Mayan.  What a wonderful picture of the body of Christ.  We donated food for 10 families and joined them in the evangelism outreach and food distribution. It was an honor. What a glorious time in the Lord!!! Truly magnificent!!

We continue to provide food care packages plus 500 Haitian Dollars to different families every week, and a good number of them have asked me to express their heartfelt thanks to The Brooklyn Tabernacle and BT Missions for that regular blessing every two weeks.  They said they are aware of the current situation in the US, where many people have lost their jobs and are now having to struggle to survive.  They are extremely appreciative for what you all are doing to help in reaching out to them.

The number of C-19 cases is rising every day.  At the same time, there are a good number of people that are exhibiting symptoms that can be confused for either (mosquito-borne) Chikungunya or C-19.  Christiana, who is the chief cook for the children’s feeding program (when we run it), is suffering from it now.  Please pray for her healing.

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports:

  • Kathiana: A few weeks ago, Kathiana was very sick and had all the symptoms of the virus and had to completely isolate herself at home.  She could neither eat nor drink and had difficulty sleeping.  She could hardly pray and got very discouraged because she seemed to be getting worse every day.  Two weeks ago, the Sunday message I sent out was based on Psalm 43:5: “Why are you cast down, O my soul?”  The Lord gave me that message because I was going through some discouragement myself.  Kathiana sent a testimony to say that the Lord ministered to her through that message. She felt the Lord visited her and, as she was worshiping and thanking God, she said all pains and discomfort left her body.  Praise the Lord!!!
  • Edeline: Her father is a gardener and worked for a large hotel.  He fell down from a tree on the job site and was in a coma for six months.  The family has four children, and he was the sole provider.  They were in tears and thought for sure their father would die.  Nevertheless, they have a praying mom that would not let go of prayer.  So they continued praying, believing and trusting God for a miracle; and one morning, their father “came back” to life!!!!  They are still shouting praises to God for this wonderful miracle!!!!
  • Steffky: He also witnessed a similar miracle with his mom, a single parent with four children.  His mother was severely sick for weeks.  Steffky, the oldest child, despaired to think that he would lose his mom,  as she slipped into a coma.  But God graciously gave him the faith to continue interceding for her; and, in a matter of days, his mom was brought back to life!  He gives God praise and thanks for his mercy and grace.
  • Florie: We join Florie in thanking and praising God for having provided her with a job at Unibank!
  • Ernst: Thanking God for his grace that sustains him day after day.  He is grateful to God for keeping him, as many young men who grew up serving the Lord have now turned their backs on him and are following the ways of the world.
  • Ketty’s entire household has been stricken with different illnesses for over a week now.  This caused Ketty to be distressed and to struggle in her faith, as she had no desire to even seek the Lord in prayer.  She even questioned whether or not God really cared about her.  It was at that very moment that Wenson was at her door bringing her our Sunday message.  The message was based on Hebrews 12:12-13, and the title was “God wants to strengthen you.”  She said God ministered to her heart and spirit, and she felt completely revived after reading it.  She said that she realized the enemy of our souls was trying to convince her that God had forgotten her, but she was so thankful that God intervened just at the right moment to remind her of his unfailing love and faithfulness.  God be praised!
  • Ishmael: This week, our keyboard player, Ishmael, lost his 42-year-old cousin to C-19. He was a drummer at Pastor Jim Cartright’s church and was very much loved by their congregation.  He left behind a wife and two children.  Pray for God’s comfort and consolation for the family.
  • Wenson has asked prayer for his older sister Lucia who lives with her husband in the Dominican Republic.  Lucia is now eight months pregnant, but there have been concerns about her pregnancy.  Please pray for a safe delivery for Lucia.
  • Esther requested prayer for her older brother who was a Christian but has turned away to join the Masonic Lodge.  Esther’s entire family are devoted Christians, and they ask that we pray for the Holy Spirit to convict him of his backsliding and bring him back to Christ.
  • Please pray for my health (Elsie).

While A Sanctuary commenced with a population of street children, the current children come from difficult home situations.  Very often these situations produce emotions that work counter to the cognitive/emotional transaction needed for the transmission of academic and other information to the child.

Please pray for complete deliverance of a 17-year-old girl who joined our family last July.  She lacks the foundation for reading but has made great strides within the past 10 months.  She has been the victim of sexual molestation and was rejected by both parents mainly because of her rebellious and promiscuous behavior.  In addition, she had been heavily involved in the occult.  She accepted Jesus as her Savior, but she is still facing serious spiritual battles.  She has renounced her involvement in the occult, and we are teaching and counseling her to surrender her body, mind, soul and spirit to the Lord daily and to focus on the renewing of her mind through the reading and memorization of the Scriptures.  We continue to stand on God’s Word for the protection of all concerned and the total deliverance and spiritual growth of all.

School continues with one teacher and myself [Glennis].  Recruitment for more teachers continues so that I can be somewhat released to do other administrative duties.

  • Please pray for more teachers that can help us.

Prayers are also requested for a 14-year-old girl who had to be sent back to Child Care and Protection Agency in early February because of her destructive and disruptive behavior and her threats against another girl.  This girl, rejected by her mother at age 2, has been diagnosed with mental health problems.  She has been to all the other homes, which will not readmit her.

One evening, she pointed out her mother among other market vendors.  I asked “Good evening, are you the mom of _____?”  The identified person asked, “Who is asking?” and I answered, “I have your daughter.”  She angrily blurted out, “That thing…,” and what followed was so terrible that my whole being vehemently rejected it, leaving no memory of words spoken, yet leaving the substance of something so destructive for the self-esteem of the 14-year-old (13 at the time).  I’m reminded of the man living among the tombs in the New Testament.

  • Please pray that God will deliver and heal this young girl, and that he will meet all of her needs.

Dominican Republic
Many businesses have decided to use their resources to help others, even in the midst of the economic crisis. A local merchant and member of our church donated packages of fresh chicken for distribution to members of our church. With this donation, we have been able to distribute to 9 households.

Unfortunately, there are now 3 households from our church family that have confirmed COVID-19 infections.

  • Please pray for healing for the Urena, Sugilio and Encarnacion families.

Last week, the Navajo Nation reached the highest rate in the US per capita for cases of Covid-19, surpassing even NYS. There are 4,529 cases of Covid-19 in the Navajo Nation, with 149 deaths as reported by the Navajo Times.

After prayer and discussion, we decided to cancel this year’s Kids Camp, which was to have taken place June 22-26.  However, we are tentatively proceeding with (and praying for) our Youth Camp scheduled for July 13–17.

  • Please pray for the Lord’s favor, wisdom, and guidance as we move forward in the planning for the July Youth Camp.

Pastor Stanley and Mark delivered care packages on Friday, May 22. These packages included nonperishable foods and toiletries and copies of Our Daily Bread.  Care packages were delivered to needy individuals (largely senior-citizens) and families in the community. This included one man who had just had kidney surgery.

Thanking the Lord for our graduating senior, who at times struggled academically. We have about a half-dozen incoming high school freshmen. Pray that they will continue to serve the Lord and that they will all be academically successful and will graduate.

Thanking the Lord that Mark’s mother has been placed in an excellent medical facility. Continue to pray for her and for God to work in the family members.