Author: Pastor Jerry Park

Haiti has lifted some of the restrictions imposed on public gatherings.  Churches started to meet for the first time since mid-March.  Sister Bonite’s church has cautiously restarted service with social distancing, washing stations, no children’s programs, and other precautions.  In addition, Sister Bonite continues to distribute about 100 food care packages per week.  The challenge is that the exchange rate for the local currency continues to fall dramatically, and this has made food prices skyrocket.

  • Please pray for the protection of all of the church members from COVID-19 infections.
  • Please also pray for continued provision for the ministry, so that they will be able to provide food to the neediest families.

In a new serious development, someone has come to Sister Bonite’s neighborhood to claim that he actually owns all the land in her area.  This potentially affects 59 landowners, including Sister Bonite.  This has caused great alarm and anger in the area; and everyone, including Sister Bonite, has been forced to get a lawyer to defend their ownership claims.

  • Please pray for God’s intervention in this matter in favor of Sister Bonite and the other landowners.

Sister Elsie has also cautiously restarted services; but they are meeting in the courtyard, with precautions, instead of meeting inside.  Her relatively poor health and high-risk profile have prevented her from actually attending the services.

  • Please pray for the protection of all the church members from COVID-19 infections.
  • Please pray for Elsie’s poor health to improve.

Praise Report: The ministry house has long suffered from a lack of electricity that has grown increasingly worse since the political crisis began.  There is virtually no city power and bright sunlight all day.  The ministry purchased 8 solar panels, which have been sufficient to power the house 24/7 for the first time.  They need the generator only for heavy duty tasks that draw a lot of energy, such as when they have services. This will save on fuel costs.

Unfortunately, Pastor Moffat has once again caught malaria.  It doesn’t appear to be a serious case, but the concern is that this will weaken his immune system; and COVID-19 cases are rising in the country.

  • Please pray for healing for Pastor Moffat.

Praise Report: Malawi recently elected a new president, Pastor Chakwera, who was previously the head of the Assemblies of God in Malawi.  He was the one who invited Pastor Rosemary to teach at their Bible college in 1998.  Rosemary said that she had a vision in 1999 that he would one day be president!

  • Please pray for wisdom and strength for the new president and that God will use him to improve things in the country.

The McKellers’ annual Children’s, Youth and Young Adult camps were cancelled due to the COVID-19 problems, which have been a serious issue on the Reservation.  Nevertheless, the ministry has gone ahead this week and is running a Virtual Camp.

  • Please pray that the Lord would bless the youth through this new medium.