Author: Pastor Jerry Park


From Romeo & Glennis at “A Sanctuary”:

Here is an update on the ministry.

Family: We currently have nine (9) girls ranging from nine to eighteen years of age in our Home.

School: The King’s School population continues to be the nine “A Sanctuary” children with one teacher and a phonics teacher whose service was terminated on April 30, 2021.

Spiritual Education: This includes daily morning devotions, along with nightly one-hour Bible reading, Bible study, Bible quiz, prayer, thanksgiving, and praise and worship sessions, as well as sessions on gender issues. Spiritual Education is also provided through Sunday services at Agape Amana church where current volunteers, Brett and his wife Nicola, serve as leaders.

Workers: One teacher, Brett, and his wife Nicola, who are volunteering in my absence. In addition, there are three independent contractors who work on the fence when funds are available.

Brett, who is my nephew and an elder/worship leader in his church, has been doing grounds maintenance, supervision of fence-related work, and other activities in Romeo’s absence. Brett also assists in worship and evening sessions in Romeo’s absence. Since the church we attended pre-Covid has not reopened, we have been attending Brett and Nicola’s church until we can find one closer to home.

Brett’s wife Nicola assists in the kitchen, inspects dorms and, along with her husband, ensures that everything is done as scheduled. Together, they conduct organized games and physical education with children.

Mentorship: We have begun a mentorship program for our children, using folks from the US and local persons.

Partners: Food for the Poor continues to make monthly donations of food and sometimes clothes and household and miscellaneous items as well.

Three women from the Watooka Lodge in Linden brought donations of clothing, footwear, paper goods and a few food items.

The Massy Company has promised free gas installation and stove-to-stove connection service for our six- and four-burner stoves.


  • For Niketta to perform well at her CXC exams in May/June 2022.
  • For 17-year-old Ashley to be placed in vocational training in accordance with God’s will for her life.
  • For workers, and that financing for completion of the fence be continually supplied.
  • That we be fully equipped with every defense against Covid-19 and any other life-threatening virus or disease.
  • That our lives be continually transformed by our obedience to God’s Word.


From Elsie:
Praise Reports:

  • Two children related to Kathiana­—a 10-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl–were released after nearly two weeks of being kidnapped. The boy had been severely beaten and had to be hospitalized, but the girl was fine. We thank and praise the Lord for their release.
  • As is customary, we will suspend the regular food program in the summer and will resume when school reopens. In the meantime, we continue to provide food care packages (25 lbs. of rice and 1 1/2 liters of oil with some cash) to help the families.

We thank and praise God for the faithful support of The Brooklyn Tabernacle and WCF in providing meals, food care packages, financial aid, and medical care in addition to educational sponsorship for the most destitute families. Through this support, we will have two university graduates this year: 1) Nathalie J —Business Administration; and 2) Francia D —Nursing

  • We have three others graduating later: 1) Esther J-L —International Diplomacy; 2) Sephora J-L — Hotel Business/Public Relations; 3) Farah L —Pharmacology

There is no way we could be helping these young people to attend university without the help we get from you.  We thank and praise the Lord for you!

Prayer Requests:

  • Covid is now expanding in Haiti, and a number of people have died from it. We are doing our best by spreading out the children throughout the church to observe social distancing and wearing our masks. Pray that the people will follow the rules for everybody’s safety.
  • Insecurity remains a very big issue. Just last week, Lucien (our driver) received an anonymous call from someone telling him that he had his son Ezekiel for ransom. Lucien came to me crying and shaking to tell me about it. I had him go right away to Ezekiel’s school; and thankfully, Ezekiel was in school. Pray for everyone’s safety.
  • Political instability: President Moise’s term expired, but he insists on staying another year before allowing new presidential elections. The people are threatening to demonstrate violently again. Never has the situation been so chaotic in the country. It’s very stressful to live here! The people seem to somehow manage to cope with inflation and unemployment, but the widespread insecurity and kidnapping make it hard for everyone to cope. We need the Lord!
  • Concerns about the students being able to wrap up the school year safely, especially those having to pass state exams. Pray for the students’ safety and for them to pass their exams.
  • Pray for God’s comfort and consolation for Frederique and his family, as Frederique’s father died this month and was buried last week. Mr. Philidont died at nearly 80 years of age and was a great blessing in our church, serving faithfully as an usher for years.
  • Pray for all of our ministry workers and musicians and teachers, along with the children, youth, and the elderly among us.