The Calling – English Translation2022-11-01T17:47:49-04:00
“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”
-1 Corinthians 15:58
The Calling is Pastor Jim Cymbala’s brand new video series for Christian leaders. Topics include “Chosen by God,” “Discouragement,” and “The Secret of Ministry.”


Episode 1: Chosen by God2022-10-29T22:29:43-04:00
Episode 2: With Jesus Every Day2022-10-29T22:29:50-04:00
Episode 3: Living in the Word2022-10-29T22:29:55-04:00
Episode 4: Sermons in the Making2022-10-29T22:30:00-04:00
Episode 5: Performing or Preaching2022-10-29T22:30:05-04:00
Episode 6: Burning Words2022-10-29T22:30:16-04:00
Episode 7: What Would Jesus Say?2022-04-22T13:30:48-04:00
Episode 8: First Things First2022-04-22T13:31:15-04:00
Episode 9: Is Your Church a House of Prayer?2022-04-22T13:31:44-04:00
Episode 10: Prayer Changes Things2022-04-22T13:32:05-04:00
Episode 11: Who’s Really in Charge?2022-04-22T13:32:26-04:00
Episode 12: Power Outage2022-04-22T13:32:43-04:00
Episode 13: Fan the Flame2022-04-22T13:33:14-04:00
Episode 14: The Secret of Ministry2022-04-22T13:33:36-04:00
Episode 15: Directions from God2022-04-22T13:33:58-04:00
Episode 16: Soul-Saving Stations2022-04-22T13:34:21-04:00
Episode 17: The Way Up Is Down2022-04-22T13:34:47-04:00
Episode 18: Filled with Faith2022-04-22T13:35:13-04:00
Episode 19: What’s Your Model?2022-04-22T13:35:39-04:00
Episode 20: A House Divided2022-04-22T13:36:19-04:00
Episode 21: An Audience of One2022-04-22T13:36:38-04:00
Episode 22: Law and Grace2022-04-22T13:37:01-04:00
Episode 23: What About Your Family?2022-04-22T13:37:20-04:00
Episode 24: When Wolves Approach2022-04-22T13:37:43-04:00
Episode 25: Does It Edify?2022-04-22T13:38:02-04:00
Episode 26: Discouragement2022-04-22T13:38:39-04:00
Episode 27: Recapture Your Calling2022-04-22T13:39:07-04:00
Episode 28: More Than Good Advice2022-04-22T13:39:27-04:00
Episode 29: What About Money?2022-04-22T13:41:27-04:00
Episode 30: Unshaken2022-04-22T13:41:46-04:00


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