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Romeo and Glennis Smith returned to their native homeland of Guyana to start a ministry home for street children, so that they could be raised in a loving and godly environment.

Romeo and Glennis Smith were longtime active members of The Brooklyn Tabernacle, serving in various ministries such as the CARE ministry, Missions, and the Prayer Band.  In 2003, Romeo and Glennis visited their homeland of Guyana and were disturbed by the number of street children in Georgetown.  They felt the Lord speaking to their hearts about building a home in which these at-risk children could live so that they could be raised in a loving and godly environment.  After much prayer and preparation, the Smiths left their successful jobs, business, and home in New York, to return permanently to Guyana with their son Joseph to begin this ministry.

The Smiths have between 10-20 children in their care at a given time.  They have become the parents that these children never had, teaching them the Gospel and biblical truths, as well as practical truths, such as basic hygiene, how to read, etiquette, and personal responsibility.  They provide shoes, clothing, food, basic medical care, schooling, and field trips throughout Guyana.  The government provided the ministry with land where they built support buildings such as dormitories, kitchen, chapel, dining hall, and a partially completed guest house.

As they began raising these children sent to them by the Lord, the Smiths found that the level of schooling the children were receiving was extremely poor.  Most were barely able to read or write despite years in the school system.  The ministry subsequently began a primary school that is now accredited.

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