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Middle East
Marsha was sent to the Kurdish areas of the Middle East to share the love of Jesus in word and action.

Marsha went on her first cross-cultural trip as a foreign exchange student to China, and through that experience she began to have a burden for the nations.  She worked in finance for a few years, but she also began going on short-term mission trips.  On one trip, she saw how hungry the people were to receive the love of Christ.  From that moment on, Marsha felt led to show the love of Christ in areas where most people would not want to go. She left the business world and went to Bible school for two years to grow in the knowledge of God's Word and in a deeper relationship with the Lord before stepping into long-term missions.  She has served on ministry trips to Africa, Asia and Europe.

While in Bible School, Marsha began to feel a great burden for the Middle East and for the Kurdish people in particular.  In early 2014, she joined the Brooklyn Tabernacle Missions Ministry and also volunteered at a community center, teaching English to people from Middle Eastern descent.

Marsha has since moved to the Middle East and is ministering among the Kurdish people in a local community center.  She is sharing the love of Jesus in word and action.

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