Author: Pastor Jerry Park


From Jamie & Sandra:

We landed in our host country in August 2019 and had no idea what lay ahead. In our short time here, we’ve experienced economic and political upheaval; pandemic; and, most recently, gas and electricity shortages. Through all of this, God has faithfully navigated us through the challenges we have faced. It has been difficult adjusting to a new culture, language learning, and missing family. We have seen our children grow and adjust to their new lives.

As we pray and reflect on the past two years, we can say with certainty that we look forward to continuing to serve here. Our love for the people, culture, and the opportunities to offer Jesus as hope to the broken are a blessing. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

We are in the US for the summer, raising support for an education fund for the children of several Mslm Background Believers (MBB) who have been forced to flee their homes and have sought safety here. Of the 20 families we know, all of them have at least 2 school-aged children. Most of these children are not able to attend school, because their families have no money for school fees. It currently costs $700 to send a child to school for one year.

Due to the political and economic situation in this country, there are no medications being imported. Pharmacies staged a nationwide strike to bring light to the corruption that has left this nation without basic medications for its people. We are, therefore, also raising funds to purchase much-needed medication to take back home.

Because of your unwavering support, we are able to continue our ministry. We are so grateful for each of you.


Jamie, Sandra, Hannah, and Caleb

  • Please pray for God’s provision for the family as well as the refugee families in their host country


The barrels sent by The Brooklyn Tabernacle have enabled Beverly’s Tiger Bay Ministry to provide food, school supplies and toiletries to ministry families. They were blessed!!

From Beverly:

Our team members have the materials they need for an Education Intervention Program that we are about to start for the Tiger Bay children. The children were already below their grade level before lockdown, and this has been made worse by the fact that public schools and our afterschool program have been closed for the last 16 months. They are still closed, as the COVID numbers in Guyana remain high for a country with such a small population.

This has led us to begin an in-person, outdoor Education Intervention Program at the school grounds, with the approval of the Department of Education. We have 20 elementary-aged children between 6 and 11 years old, led by 4 teachers, 3 days per week, including Saturdays. These are all children who have been part of our breakfast program.

On Saturdays, thank God, we can now add our Bible stories and application to the academics. It’s like having a little BT Kids program, and it is being led by young women from Sister Delon’s church. (Delon is a high school educator and is our feeding program leader. She’s a blessed woman of God.) All reports indicate that on the first Saturday, July 17th, the kids and teachers had lots of fun!!

Underprivileged children in Guyana have probably been hit the hardest by the lockdowns, and the learning loss is yet to be determined. While the country reopened, schools did not. Private schools and government high schools were able to establish online learning, but that was not the case for most of the public elementary schools in the country. And so it was that the young children in Tiger Bay, without computers or mobile devices and with little Internet and no official program established by the government, were really adversely affected.


  • For protection from the virus, which is still rampant in Guyana
  • For wisdom, strength and unity for all involved
  • For the children’s minds, hearts and willingness to learn academics and to learn about Jesus
  • For the faithfulness and compassion of the teachers as they teach as Jesus would have them do
  • For the parents/caregivers’ continued cooperation with the ministry, so that this will be an excellent teaching/ learning experience for all.

With a full heart,



From Pastor Alland & Marilyn:

I want to report on the hunger crisis we are facing here. About 4.2 million families have experienced hunger because of a lack of food due to the pandemic. Inflation has caused prices to go up on everything, including food, clothing, and homes; and this has resulted in families struggling for survival on a daily basis. The monetary resources from the government have been depleted, which means that the poor are unable to depend on these resources. Health and medical services have suffered immensely due to the Covid-19 increase and the lack of vaccines. Many nations are going through similar struggles, and it is heartbreaking to see this occurring throughout the world.

However, we who have Christ have a better chance for survival and to get through the hardships we face; for he is our deliverer and Savior in times of trouble. Yes, we have confidence and assurance that he will give us victory in all our situations.

We recently had a food drive at the covered basketball court behind the church. Two hundred families came and picked up bags with all sorts of vegetables, rice, canned food, etc. Many lined up outside the gate as early as 7am. This shows that many were in need of food, as the economy continues to do badly due to the pandemic. Also, this past week we had a clothing drive, thanks to a sister in the church who sent us six boxes packed with clothes for all ages. Many were so happy to receive this blessing.

Another piece of good news is that our attendance has increased. In the last several weeks, people are steadily coming to the Sunday services. We had a drop-off of attendees when we first reopened. However, attendance has increased by 40%, and this includes the addition of several new members. Our average weekly attendance is 101. Praise the Lord, he is building his church!

Please pray for our church members, including safety for the community and that God will provide for our physical needs and help us in our spiritual walk with the Lord.

We hope you and your family are safe and doing well. Thank you for your support and care

for the ministry out here. God bless, and be safe.

Pastor Alland


The barrels we sent to Haiti have been received by Sister Bonite’s ministry. Here are some photos showing the arrival of the barrels.